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Case Studies

Our case studies show how orthodontic treatment can rectify common problems with crooked teeth, jaw alignment, bad bites and other dental irregularities.

transposed-caninePatients upper left canine in position and smile aesthetics – ideal smile arch and incisal display.

anterior-crossbiteEarly intervention. Some orthodontic problems can be corrected in the mixed dentition (ages 7-11). This is an example of simple treatment for approximately 4-6 months. This allows the maxilla to fully express its genetically predetermined position.

midline-correctionMidlines corrected to reveal natural and aesthetically pleasing smile.

crossbite-correctionConstricted maxilla and severe crowding impacting on her self esteem and happiness. After correction, her confidence has blossomed.

crowdingA shy smile and head tilt to start, a natural and engaging smile to finish.

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